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  • Dodge Hellcat tuning course level 1

    6 Lessons in $499.00

    Do you want to learn how to gain 40-60 RWHP from tuning ALONE with a bone stock Hellcat using HP Tuners? Then this course is for you!  Learn the Hellcat ECM and make the changes necessary for better throttle response, safer and better power, and even understanding the ANN (Artificial Neural Network).  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn how to tune this awesome car, and make it even better!

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  • Dodge Hellcat tuning course level 2

    7 Lessons in $299.00

    Want to learn more about Hellcat tuning the Hellcat using HP Tuners?  Watch our intro video!

    You must already have the Level 1 Hellcat first, before being allowed to take this course.

    The option to purchase this course will not appear until you have Level 1.

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