• Ford Ecoboost Level 1 course

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    Want to learn how to tune an Ecoboost powered Ford? This Level 1 course covers tuning a stock to bolt-on (excluding larger turbos) car or truck! Learn how the ECM operates, how to handle Fuel, Spark, Boost and Throttle controls (to keep that throttle blade open!)Read More →

  • How to tune using a Mustang Dyno

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    In this FREE Course, take some time and see how the features of a Mustang Dyno allow you to fully tune your vehicle.  How would you set the dyno to properly tune for MAF and VE changes?  What would you do for Wide open throttle tuning – not just a single gear pull; we’re talking each gear.  Run it like you would on the drag strip… find out how we accomplish all this so your next pass at the real drag strip is the best it can be.  Enjoy this free video on demand learning from The Tuning School and Mustang Dynamometer.

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  • Bob Morreale: AETC 2014 Talk

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    This FREE Course will help you understand how to tell if a problem you are experiencing is tune related or mechanical.  Bob Morreale was invited to speak at the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference at the 2014 PRI Show.  His talk was 45 minutes long, and has about 15 minutes of questions at the end from attendees.  We hope you enjoy!

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  • C7 Corvette / GEN V Online Course (Lev 3)

    62 Lessons in $799.00

    About this course:

    This Level 3 course will guide you through the process of tuning  C7 Corvettes and other vehicles with a GEN V ECM!! (2013+ GM Trucks, etc…)

    Learn the secrets to making the tune rightso your can make maximum safe power with that awesome new set of parts!  Learn how to tune from simple bolt-ons through heads/cam and Super/Turbocharged cars like the pros!

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  • Dodge Hellcat tuning course level 2

    7 Lessons in $299.00

    Want to learn more about Hellcat tuning the Hellcat using HP Tuners?  Watch our intro video!

    You must already have the Level 1 Hellcat first, before being allowed to take this course.

    The option to purchase this course will not appear until you have Level 1.

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  • Dodge Hellcat tuning course level 1

    6 Lessons in $499.00

    Do you want to learn how to gain 40-60 RWHP from tuning ALONE with a bone stock Hellcat using HP Tuners? Then this course is for you!  Learn the Hellcat ECM and make the changes necessary for better throttle response, safer and better power, and even understanding the ANN (Artificial Neural Network).  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn how to tune this awesome car, and make it even better!

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  • Intro to how the ECM operates

    1 Lessons in , $25.00 $14.99

    In this course, you will learn the basics of how the ECM operates, including the sensors and actuators.

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