Bob Morreale

Bob Morreale is the author of several tuning related books and manuals. He wrote his first book, BM Computer Source Guide to Chip Burning (1999), to guide first-time tuners through the turbocharged Buick Grand National software and tuning methods. His second book, Tuning the Right Way (2007), is a course based on the HP Tuners software but also applies tuning knowledge to tuning of any EFI system. Many new courses have followed since then, including Avanced GM and Beginners Ford using SCT software.

Bob began software programming when he was very young; he wrote his first program in the mid 80′s when he was in just 2nd grade. He began with BASIC (working on an old Atari 800XL personal computer, before the IBM PC’s became popular) and continued learning (self-taught) with other languages such as HEX, C++, HTML, PHP, and others. While Bob can successfully program, he prefers to teach, and be a “bridge” between the software used to tune with, and the vehicles that are being tuned.

Bob has over 17 years of tuning experience, having successfully tuned everything from the legendary turbocharged 1987 Buick Grand Nationals (where he began tuning, on our company’s 1987 Buick GN) to modern day LS7 Twin Turbo Corvettes boasting 700+ Turbocharged RWHP. Bob has also written numerous technical articles for industry-standard magazines. He also teaches automotive technology instructor C.E. classes at major Colleges and Tech Schools and writes curriculum for them.

Bob’s primary roles are product development and teaching. He has taught students all over the USA as well as Dubai, Qatar, etc… He is well versed in airflow dynamics. His experience comes from his background in cylinder head porting and flowbench testing, as well as camshaft design and total engine power development.

Bob is an autocross and road-racing enthusiast and occasionally drag races.

Brett McClelland

Brett McClelland has a love for working on cars and that is what brought him to The Tuning School in 2013.  In addition to maintaining our fleet of vehicles, in the past year, Brett has also developed a love for tuning.  He has apprenticed under Bob Morreale and now not only teaches classes as an assistant but has also performed nine months of research and development on our Haltech-specific stand-alone system training materials under Bob’s guidance.

In his off time, Brett likes working on cars.  His most recent project has been a 4.6 Cobra motor swap into his 1997 Ford Thunderbird daily driver.  His nickname around The Tuning School is “Boy Wonder.”

Brett is just getting started in his career path and you can expect to see even more from him in the future with The Tuning School!