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  1. Awesome course and material. Forums and youtube are great but this was the fundamental material that taught me the ‘how and why’ process to tune my 5.3/4l60e swapped K1500(Cam, Headers, CAI)

  2. Top notch information on GM transmission tuning, definitely a great book to keep by you if you need a reference! The information is well laid out and descriptive on what needs to be done.

  3. Purchased the level 1 along with the live seminar and and Daytona Wide Band. I received the course booklet in the mail prior to the seminar and was very impressed with how organized and straight forward the material was. Ive been a GM tech for years but this was my first attempt at using tuner software. After reading through the course I was able to make my first attempt at tuning on a 2012 Chevrolet Caprice that I just finished putting heads, cam, headers, and manual transmission swap in. I had a couple of first timer questions and Brett was there to help me out and also got me a stock tune file that was impossible to find at the time. After successfully tuning my first vehicle with no real experience I then showed up to the seminar and that really helped complete the learning process. Instructors, class room time, and dyno time was a great learning experience. You get a lot of real world knowledge and tips when being in that environment for a couple days. After the seminar I moved on to tuning my first forced induction- 2013 Camaro that I installed cam, headers, and supercharger. I was able to successfully tune this vehicle from scratch just by what I learned in the level 1 course. Its pretty amazing what you can learn from just one course. The Tuning School was always able to answer any questions I had and they have a lot of informative videos online to help out with common questions or first time set up procedures. Looking forward to level 2!

  4. I purchase level 1 tuning and kind of thought I could do level 2 tuning as well being boneheaded.If you have anything you want to tune in level 2 you need them both.Info is all layed out so you can diy, the support is awesome and I don’t regret buying it for one minute. 71 camaro twin turbo is well on its way thank to these guys!!

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