Daytona Sensors WEGO IV Dual Channel Wideband Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor System



An ideal wideband for shop owners looking to tune multiple vehicles.

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Product Description

Ultra-Bright Daylight readable blue LED Display with auto dimmer for lighting conditions.
Analog Outputs for your Dyno or datalogging software included. Easily plug in to your HP Tuners Pro unit, SCT Handheld, etc…
Highly accurate over AFR range of 10.3-19.5:1 AFR (error less than .1 AFR)
Free-air calibration quickly/easily done with adjustment dial
Standalone datalogging software included – with inputs for RPM. You can use this system to record AFR if you like; as well as another input such as RPM if needed.
Software capable of generating histogram data for wideband AFR error calculation – easily copy and paste into your tuning software.

Your unit can be modified to display LAMDA (decimal point will be off one space if you purchase AFR model)

Software allows you to select fuel type: E10, E85, Ethanol, Methanol or User Defined.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 8 x 13 in


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