GM Tuning using HP Tuners Software Level 2 (Advanced) Learn-at-Home Course (2.24)


Learn to tune your Gen III / Gen IV GM vehicle(s) using our safe, effective and repeatable tuning processes.

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This course will teach you advanced tuning knowledge in a topical format for Gen III / Gen IV GM vehicles. Learn about such topics as You can tune with confidence knowing that we have developed a safe, effective and repeatable process for you to follow. We also include one year of technical support to guide you along the way as needed.

Course is written using HP Tuners 2.24 platform. Update to 3.4 platform scheduled for 3rd quarter 2017.

Topics include:

  • + Speed Density Tuning (street and race)
  • + Wet and Dry Nitrous Tuning
  • + High Boost (2 or 3 bar) Turbo/Supercharged Tuning of Extended VE Boost Tables
  • + MAF Patches (why and how to)
  • + MAF Calibration for New Sensors
  • + Knock Sensor Improvements
  • + Complex Charge Temp
  • + Realtime Tuning
  • + Fuel Economy Tuning
  • + Power Tuning of the Idle and Part Throttle Zones
  • + Setup for Fuel Trims, Histograms, Gauges, Table Insertion and custom PID’s including Boost, Gas Mileage, Custom Triggers and Filters in the VCM Scanner
  • + Effective use of the VCM Scanner’s Live Commands
  • + and much more!

Your Course Includes

  • + 326 page full color manual written in a topical format for safe and effective tuning
  • + Laminated checklists for quick reference
  • + One year of technical support through our Online Ticket System

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