Plex Knock Monitor


The quintessential tool for tuners, available now with single or optional dual knock inputs.


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The quintessential tool for tuners, available now with single or optional dual knock inputs.

Tune like a pro and never miss knock again.


Best-in-class Audio Quality.  Improved SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) by 20dB, with much higher audio clarity and 10 times lower noise.

Transflective Display NEW! New 2.3” transflective LCD display offers better viewing in daylight and outdoor conditions thus enabling knock detection on the device without a PC being always necessary.

Dual Knock Sensors Inputs NEW!  Optional dual-knock sensor input with increased dynamic range, suitable for twin bank engines or for enhanced knock detection. Choose whether to split the audio channels per sensor or listen to them combined.

0-5V Analog Load Sensor Input NEW!  Connect a MAP or TPS sensor and perform 3-dimensional knock data on the device or PC.

Non-volatile Device Logging Memory NEW!  Capture 3-dimensional knock information and log knock count with knock level per cylinder versus RPM and load.

Dual Audio Output Sockets NEW! Benefit from the two audio output sockets by using them either for training your apprentices or for cross-checking the knock signal with colleagues.

Higher-Performance Processor NEW!  New higher performance main processor improves the calculating speed making the monitor faster and smother in operation/

Dual Power Options NEW!  Now you can power up your knock monitor not only externally but also via its USB port. Detect knock with higher convenience irrespective of where you are.

Isolated USB Port NEW!  USB port isolation provides electrical protection, more robust device communications and added noise immunity.

Isolated Trigger Input NEW!  Optically isolated trigger input protects the device from ignition signal noise & related electrical damage.

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Weight 2.69 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 11 x 16 in
Single or Dual Option

Single, Dual, Single w/ CANBUS, Dual w/ CANBUS


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