Dodge Level 1 Hands-On Class using HP Tuners - Tampa, FL March 2019

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This class is in Tampa Bay, Florida area on Thursday, March 21 - Friday, March 22, 2019 It will be held at our home office in Odessa, FL. Our live seminars...
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This class is in Tampa Bay, Florida area on Thursday, March 21 - Friday, March 22, 2019

It will be held at our home office in Odessa, FL.

Our live seminars include two days (16 hours total) of training at a dyno-equipped facility. You will learn how to tune HEMI powered vehicles using HP Tuners software during classroom time and during live dyno instruction using several students' actual vehicles.

Seminar topics include:

  • + Plenty of hands-on dyno experience using students' actual vehicles.
  • + Basics of how an engine works and fuel injection.
  • + How to understand the VCM scanner.
  • + In-depth tuning process from start to finish utilizing the Tuning Checklists. You will learn a safe and repeatable tuning process.

Your seminar purchase includes:

  • + Course Materials (see below)
  • + Live Dyno Instruction
  • + Lunch both days
  • + Free Tuning School t-shirt

Course materials include (a $499 value):

  • Printed course for Dodge/Ram Hemi engines 5.7, 6.1, 6.4 

    This course will teach students a safe, repeatable, process-based system for everything from the basics of tuning the stock car all the way through full bolt on's and mild boosted applications up to 7-8 PSI.

    Some of the sections included in this course:

    • Injectors:

      How to change the injector size

    • MDS:

      How to modify the MDS (Displacement on Demand)

    • Engine Size:

      Updating the engine size for larger bore

    • Idle & Startup:

      How to fix idle stability and adjust startup parameters

    • Airflow and Torque:

      Adjusting airflow limiters and torque management

    • Fuel and Spark:

      Learn how to adjust fueling and spark advance/retard

    • Variable Cam:

      Learn to modify variable cam angle tuning

    • Scanners:

      Learn how to use the scanner for diagnostics and monitoring engine performance

    • FAR: Fuel to Air Ratio:

      Understanding the fuel to air ration system used by Dodge

    • Artificial Neural Network:

      Understanding how the ANN works autonomously to modify engine parameters and determining how to adjust it.

We will ship your course materials upon booking so that you can start learning right away!  

The locations for this class are:
Hotel Conference Room
Holiday Inn Express 
2125 Corporate Center Dr
Trinity, FL 34655

The Dyno location
The Tuning School
2328 Destiny Way, Suite A
Odessa, FL 33556

Group rate for rooms is $159.00 per night, plus tax/resort fee
Call hotel at 727-835-7820 

Private Seminars:

We also offer Private Seminars for enthusiasts and shop owners looking to learn at their own pace. These hands-on two day minimum seminars are $1,250 per day ($500 for each additional student per day up to three students total) and include everything listed above with the class taught at your own pace. You can come learn on our dyno at our facility or we can teach you at yours (additional fees for travel). For more details, please call us at (727) 264-8875.