HP Tuners Compliance and Emissions Training

HP Tuners Compliance and Emissions Training

HP Tuners has updated their software to 5.0. With this update comes a bit of parameter access training that is quick and simple.

With the release of the all new MPVI3 from HP Tuners, came the launch of the new VCM Suite 5.0.4 software update.  Many longtime users will notice a few changes to their software, most notably user access to emission related DTC codes and switches.  

In order to re-enable these functions within the software, users are required to take a free emissions test to receive an unlock code. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds and it’s rather easy to complete. And we hear you, “why do I have to do this?”. Simply put, we need to stay ahead of what is happening within our industry. Hopefully with the help of SEMA and our local legislation, we can see the RPM Act pushed forward, so we can continue to enjoy our race cars.  

Learn more about these new updates with Dion in this week’s video. And to learn more about the RPM Act and how you can help, visit sema.org and make your voice heard with millions of others like you!  Also checkout Bob’s recap from SEMA’s visit to Washington DC

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