Before proceeding, please read this page to fully understand how you will receive the best support for your issue.

The Tuning School’s ticket system is designed to help you understand and reinforce concepts learned in your course materials. We want to make sure you understand the lessons in the course and are able to go into the real world to apply your new skills with confidence.

We also understand you may have an issue with a Tuning School product or device, such as an Atlas product, wideband or something else you bought from The Tuning School.  If you did not purchase your device from The Tuning School, do not submit a ticket.

When should you submit a ticket?

  • You need help understanding a concept in the course.
  • You are within your support window.
  • You purchased a product from The Tuning School and need technical support.

What should you have ready when submitting a ticket?

  • Course you are working on (GM LS, Coyote, etc)
  • Page or section in question.
  • Detailed information about the concept you are trying to understand.

What should you have ready when submitting a technical support ticket?

  • Product type and information.
  • Purchase date.
  • Detailed information about the technical issue you are trying to get support for.

**Note: Tickets with incomplete information will not be responded to.  Please write a detailed, well written description of your issue.  Short or incomplete descriptions and responses will only prolong our technician’s ability to respond.  Provide enough information to make it easy for us to help you.  Take your time and provide a well thought out ticket for us.  Provide files as needed.  

When should you NOT submit a ticket?

  • You need help with your custom tune.

When should you expect a response on your ticket?

  • We receive many tickets and respond to them as quickly as possible. Providing the correct information with clear questions will yeild the quickest responses. That said, we do our best to reply to everyone daily, but there will be times where we simply cannot. We appreciate your patience while we do our best to offer everyone the best learning and support experience.

What should you do if you need help with a tune?

The Tuning School created Tuner Match ( to facilitate a community of vetted tuners who can help you with your tune.  This can range from purchasing help with a tune to purchasing an entire tune from one of these qualified tuners.  Tuners can quote your project and interact directly with you through the Tuner Match website.   

Please fill out the form using the Green "Help" Button in the lower right corner for Support.