• Learn to tune Ford performance cars and trucks running on the ever popular Coyote, Modular and Ecoboost platforms
  • Step-by-step tuning process on utilizing the HP Tuners VCM Suite platform
  • Tune bolt-on’s and forced induction vehicles from the ground up
  • Learn safe, repeatable processes including startup, idle, part throttle and wide open throttle tuning
  • Transmission tuning for 4, 6, and 10-speed transmissions utilizing all the critical shift parameters
  • Learn at your own pace through printed courses, online courses, two day hands on classes OR through our shop and tuner memberships.
  • One year of learning support included for all products purchased


Printed and Online Courses

One of the most popular ways to learn to tune, our printed courses are typically 300+ page, full color courses that are totally process driven.  You will learn from the moment you get the course by following the processes (bolt-on and forced induction processes all included).  This isn’t a tuning “novel” - but rather a course you actually tune your vehicle from scratch with.  Also included is a full year of support - so if you get stuck and need an expert to help you through, it’s already included.  Pair this with any of our online courses, and you’ve got a recipe for fast learning and a vehicle that starts, idles, and drives better than you ever thought possible.

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Hands-On Classes

We have hands-on live classes for learners who want that in-person experience, where you get to actually tune a performance vehicle from start to finish on a chassis dynamometer in a friendly, fun learning environment.  Public and private classes are popular for enthusiasts, tuners and shop owners alike, and are some of our most popular ways of learning.  Classes are available in two to three day formats and are taught across the nation.

Note: Each class comes with the same materials provided in our printed courses…no need to purchase both.

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Are you a shop or a tuner and want access to it all?  We’ve got you covered with our ultimate tuning membership.  This membership provides you with access to the industry's best tuning education 24x7.  We created this membership experience because you never know exactly what you’ll need to tune next and what the best methods are to make that tune happen.  If you could design a program that gives you the best of our printed courses, online learning, support, virtual Q&A sessions, access to our artificial neural network trainer and more - this is it!  

Ford Platforms Covered:

  • Ford Coyote Course Materials so that you can tune any Ford vehicles in the Coyote family
  • Ford Modular Course Materials so that you can tune any Ford vehicles in the Modular family
  • Ford Ecoboost Course Materials so that you can tune any Ford vehicles in the Ecoboost family including Mustangs and F-150s
  • For 4, 6, and 10-Speed Transmission Tuning


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