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The Tuning School swag page


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HP Tuners Credits for MPVI (make specific), MPVI2 and MPVI2+ (Universal)

Dodge Tuning

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Dodge HEMI, Jeep, and Transmission Tuning


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Are you over having your car tuned by someone else and not getting the drivability you...

Ford Tuning

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Learn to tune Ford with HP Tuners or SCT

GM Tuning

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GM Tuning for Gen III, IV, and V engines along with Transmission and Advanced topic tuning.


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Tuning equipment for Holley standalone tuning

HP Tuners

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All the hardware you need from HP Tuners

Online Courses

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Online companions to complete your learning.

Parts & Tools

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All the tuning gear you will need, from devices to widebands.


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Knock Monitor detection devices

Printed Courses

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Learn At Home at your own pace with the book as your guide.


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Are you tired of farming out tuning jobs to other shops?   Are you wanting to bring...

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When a deal goes down, this is where to find them!


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All the hardware and software needed from SCT

Transmission Tuning

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GM, Ford, and Dodge Transmission Tuning

Tuning Rewards Approved

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The products listed below are all part of The Tuning School Rewards Program.


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