The Tuning School and Fuel Injector Clinic Launch Strategic Partnership

The Tuning School and Fuel Injector Clinic Launch Strategic Partnership

The Tuning School is proud to announce that they have become the official education partner of Fuel Injector Clinic, an industry leader in high performance fuel injectors. This pairing provides Fuel Injector Clinic with access to the best training in the industry for their staff and dealer network. The Tuning School will use Fuel Injector Clinic products in their classes and training curriculum, offering students of The Tuning School access to state-of-the-art fuel injector technology and precise tuning data.

Students who enroll in one of the many hands-on courses offered at The Tuning School headquarters in Odessa, Florida will be able to train on FIC's Data Matched injectors with their custom tuning data. The Tuning School will also be offering private training classes to shops that install Fuel Injector Clinic products.

Johnny Johnson, the Tuning School's Director of Sales, summarized the benefits of this new partnership: "Understanding fuel injectors and fuel injection systems is critical for anyone working in the automotive industry and automotive enthusiasts. Using the right injectors and proper tuning data can result in massive improvements to the performance of any vehicle. By partnering with Fuel Injector Clinic, The Tuning School can provide the hands-on training and experience that our students need to succeed."

"Fuel Injector Clinic's decision to partner with The Tuning School was easy. Their educational programs and classes have a great reputation within the industry, and they are widely used by tuners, shops and automotive enthusiasts around the world. Partnering with The Tuning School allows our staff and customers access to some of the best training available in the industry. Our high performance fuel injectors are among the best in the world and now our customers will have access to state-of-the-art training on how to use them to unlock their vehicles hidden performance", said Randy Earle, the Company's Director of Sales and Marketing.

Anyone interested in learning more about the hands-on courses offered by The Tuning School, Fuel Injector Clinic, or wanting to make a purchase can visit the company website at or call them directly at 727-264-8875.

About The Tuning School: It is the mission of The Tuning School to guide our customers on their journey to achieving the best performance, driveability and fuel economy possible for their vehicles. We will do this by teaching safe, repeatable methods and providing outstanding customer support. To learn more visit

About Fuel Injector Clinic: Fuel Injector Clinic is the worlds leader in high performance fuel injectors providing more data with our injector sets than any other company in the industry. We match our injectors for flow at less than 1% and for latency at less than 2% resulting in better performance for your vehicle. Our Data Match Technology is so advanced that Fuel Injector Clinic was asked to Data Match the injectors for two NASCAR teams and every NHRA Pro-Stock race team. Backed by a lifetime warranty, at Fuel Injector Clinic, WE FEED SPEED! To learn more visit

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