In the world of aftermarket performance modifications, more and more automobile enthusiasts need a good tune that they can rely on to maximize the thousands of dollars in aftermarket parts they have acquired. How can you know that your local tuner has the necessary training and ability to tune your vehicle to maximum performance without dire consequences?

The world of tuning used to be a dark, magical place where anyone with an ounce of tuning knowledge kept their secrets to themselves and beginners rolled the dice on actually learning how to tune. With The Tuning School, all that has changed!

At The Tuning School we teach you the basics and beyond of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems, including all the theory and mechanics in an easy to understand format. During the same class, we teach you how to tune with hands-on experience using the leading software and tuning products of the tuning industry.

We make it so easy that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand our full two day school! Upon completion of the course, you will have gained hands-on tuning experience and will be ready to tackle your first tuning job.

You won’t find this type of hands-on training in a beginner’s class anywhere else! Forget what you’ve heard all these years that tuning is magical and a difficult concept to understand. You owe it to yourself to get the details, so find out more in our classes section.


The performance racing industry is full of inaccurate information. The beginner tuner can search and search through masses of forum posts about tuning and never really know if the information they are reading is really accurate. Other sources such as articles and the very limited number of books written on EFI tuning take quite a while to get through to actually gain an understanding of how to tune. The time spent researching these sources does not benefit the limited amount of knowledge gained.

It’s been proven that people learn better in an interactive environment, and that’s where The Tuning School comes in. When you come to our classes, you will receive two full days of instruction and hands-on tuning experience like you will find no where else.

Our instructors have many years of engine building and tuning experience on not only their own vehicles, but countless numbers of customers’ cars. The instructors have also written and edited several tuning manuals geared specifically for beginner tuners.

Lastly, The Tuning School wants to make sure you learn everything you need to know to tune vehicles properly the first time! Our manuals and checklists are easy to read and informative. We don’t drop you from our lives after the first class, either.


Be the worldwide provider of high performance tuning knowledge for the entire automotive industry.


It is the mission of The Tuning School to guide our customers on their journey to achieving the best performance, driveability and fuel economy possible for their vehicles. We will do this by teaching safe, repeatable EFI tuning methods and providing outstanding customer support.

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