Dodge Hellcat Companion Course

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The Dodge Hellcat Online Companion Course is designed to provide a visualized learning experience for every student who is learning at home. 

This is the online companion course to the printed Dodge Hellcat Engine Using HP Tuners VCM Suite from The Tuning School.

Combining years of industry experience on the Hellcat platform with hands-on, dyno- and track-proven results, the all-new Dodge Hellcat Engine Using HP Tuners VCM Suite course will teach you our safe, repeatable, process-based system for Hellcat engine tuning.

Whether you are looking to tune your own Hellcat engine or you are a full-time tuner, this new Hellcat specific course will teach you the safe way to optimize drivability, make more power, and run faster on the track. In this course, you will learn:

  • Fuel Injector Sizing
  • Target Idle Speed Adjustments
  • Startup Changes
  • Idle Stability
  • Torque Management
  • Airflow Limiters
  • Fuel and Spark Modifiers
  • Power Enrichment
  • Engine Cooling Controls
  • Wide Open Throttle Fueling
  • Wide Open Throttle Spark Tables
  • Main Spark Tables
  • ANN Training
  • Fuel Cutoffs
  • Variable Cam Timing
  • Tuning for Alternative Fuels
  • And so much more…

Additionally, the Dodge Hellcat Engine Using HP Tuners VCM Suite course covers tuning optimizations and the tuning process for both stock Hellcats and Hellcat builds featuring popular bolt-ons. Bolt-on tuning includes:

  • Hellcat Injector Upgrades
  • Pulley Upgrades for More Boost
  • Headers and Exhaust Upgrades
  • Cold Air Intakes
  • And Alternative Fuels like E85

Your Companion Course includes:

  • Hours of lectures, quizzes, and practical self-assessments
  • Bonus Content!  Session 0: Basic Engine Fundamentals
    • Topics covered include:
      • Internal combustion engines
      • Airflow and induction
      • Fueling, spark, and knock
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Multiple articles and external video content
  • Access to our student only Facebook page and App community


PLEASE NOTE: This online Companion Course is to be used along with our Dodge Hellcat Course using HP Tuners and is a prerequisite for this course. Following the instructions in both courses will ensure an effective and efficient learning experience.