GM LT Engine Gen V Complete Learning Set

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This is our most comprehensive learning system yet. PRINTED AND ONLINE COURSE BUNDLE
It features the GM Gen V printed course using HP Tuners along with the online learning companion. 


The GM LT Engine Online Companion Course is designed to provide a visualized learning experience for every student who is learning at home. 

In 10 comprehensive sessions, you are visually guided through the printed course materials as you learn a proven safe step-by-step tuning process for Gen V LT based engines. 

This companion course will also help you to identify the problems with the Virtual Torque system, which include Driver Demand, Peak Torque, and the Virtual Torque maps.  You can tune with confidence knowing that we have developed a safe, effective and repeatable process for you to follow.

Your Companion Course includes:

  • Almost 10 hours of lectures and quizzes
  • Bonus Content!  Session 0: Basic Engine Fundamentals
    • Topics covered include:
      • Internal combustion engines
      • Airflow and induction
      • Fueling, spark, and knock
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Multiple articles and external video content
  • Access to our student only Facebook page

    For a sample video of this course, please watch the video below:



    • Includes the latest knowledge for tuning Virtual Torque, Direct Injection Timing, Torque Management and much more!
    • Based on HP Tuners VCM Suite, this most recent GM GEN V course was developed for anyone who wants to learn from scratch!
    • Follow specific processes using our laminates to tune bolt-on, heads/cam and forced induction GEN V Cars, Trucks and SUV's.
    • Full 200+ page color course workbook with screenshots of what the parameters and tables are that you need to adjust, along with why and how to.
    • 1 year of support included!

    Detailed Information
    The GEN V ECM builds upon the methods and processes of its predecessors, which made use of Fuel, Spark and Airflow models to run older engines.  The GEN V ECM is torque based and you must understand the torque model and how it functions to properly tune this ECM for your vehicle's modifications.

    The R&D Team has spent countless hours needed to have an in depth process that covers how to identify the problems with the Virtual Torque system, which include Driver Demand, Peak Torque, and the Virtual Torque maps.

    We've created checks and balances using the new HP Tuners VCM Scanner's Math functions to ensure we are getting the torque numbers right, by comparing real torque numbers we derive from airflow and estimated torque from the Virtual Torque system.  We call it a sanity check, which helps the tuner find the problem or ensure it is correct.

    The processes we include describe the potential problems you can have (throttle closures, spark reduction or increases) and how to identify the source and then fix the source of the problem(s).

    What can you learn with our course?

    • How to adjust the direct injection fuel angle (injection timing) for maximum spray time with your actual camshaft timing events!
    • How to adjust the Peak Torque, Driver Demand and Virtual Torque systems and understand why they behave the way they do.
    • How to keep the engine running at maximum power safely - with commanded throttle and spark following your requests.
    • How to adjust Idle for large cams, turbos, and superchargers.

    Features of the course include:

    • The basics of how to use the HP Tuners VCM Suite (VCM Scanner and Editor)
    • What tables need to be changed for your tuning needs
    • What the common ranges are for the tables being adjusted.
    • How the Direct Injection fuel system works
    • The proper order of tuning, to include Airflow, Fuel, Spark, Torque and more.

    This course ships complete with the following items:

    • GM LT Engine Tuning Course  (200+ pages)
    • MAF & Virtual VE Guide supplement workbook
    • The Tuning Checklists (Specific to car modification type)
    • The Tuning Tree (a map of table locations)
    • Technical Tuning Support for one year


    To view some excerpts and examples from the course click here