Polaris Tuning using HP Tuners

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Get ready to unleash the potential power of your Polaris SXS using HP Tuners VCM Suite and BRP Cable.

This course is sold as a book and online course in one package. You receive both!

Learn how to navigate and use HP Tuners' VCM Suite software (with your MPVI2, MPVI2+ or MPVI3) to create and load custom tunes to fit your preferences.  Take it further with performing your own R&D, using our processes as your guideline.  The sky's the limit with proven safe processes developed in house by The Tuning School.   

Supporting late model RZR, General, and Ranger; you can learn how to tune for aftermarket injectors and upgraded thermostats.  In addition, use the concepts covered for turbo applications to adjust for larger turbo setups, as well as alternative fuels. 

Build as many tunes as you need and gain confidence in troubleshooting issues while you’re out on the trails.  Or give your weekend fun a little power bump.  

This course was built for the shop and enthusiast in mind.  Given both the freedom to create custom tunes, while also better understanding how tuning works overall.