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Instructor Bio: Gerrot Jacobson
Meet Gerrot Jacobson!

Gerrot started teaching in 2012 at a college level. We were excited to bring him to the team earlier this year as the newest instructor here at The Tuning School. You may recognize him as one of our frequent Tech Tuesday teachers. If you are signed up for one of our GM or Dodge classes coming up, you can expect to see him there and to learn even more from his experience!

Read the transcript of our interview with Gerrot Jacobson below.



- So what city did you grow up in, and what was it like?

Clear Lake, Iowa. All the seasons, corn, and wildlife. That pretty much sums it up. Oh, and lots of pigs! We like our bacon here.


- How long have you been in the motor/vehicle industry?

I grew up in the automotive field. Started working professionally on cars when I was 14 years old and started tuning at 16 years old. [It's been] 16 years working with cars and tuning now. That makes me sound old... Dang, thanks for that!   


- What made you decide to become an instructor?

I had great instructors in college and decided one day I would do the same things for others that they did for me. Being able to learn the newest things and present it to the world just sounded like a blast. I started in Instructing Computerized Controls and Advanced Engine Performance when I was 23 for the State College and loved it. I will teach for the rest of my life.


- What is your most interesting vehicle experience? 

Making 1500whp with a customer's Twin Turbo LS on an OEM PCM. Didn't expect it to go as well, but it sure did! We Dyno'd a homemade trike bike on methanol yesterday; that was pretty cool too, I guess.


- What's your fantasy dream car?

Ferrari F40. Once I grow up and have as much money as Melissa, I will get one. (Melissa is one of our project managers/producers. She frequently works with Gerrot on content and they have become fast friends)