Brett McClelland Tags: Aftermarket ECU, Electronic Control Unit, Factory ECU, Fuel, Fuel Systems, HP Tuners, Power Enable (PE), Power Enrichment (PE), Standalone ECU, Teaching, Tech Tips, Torque -

Another episode of Tech Tips from your leader in tuning and technology. Watch and learn how to correctly enable torque to get that PE you want.
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Brett McClelland Tags: Fuel, Fuel Systems, Fuel Trims, HP Tuners, Teaching, Tech Tips, Tuning -

Watch as Brett McClelland solves this issue in a jiffy!
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Gaetscha Marcelin Tags: Fuel, Fuel Systems, Performance Fuel, Teaching, Tech Tuesday, The Tuning School, Tuning, Tuning Education -

In this week's Tech Tuesday, Gerrot Jacobson goes over a few fuels, octanes, and which ones work best for your setup.
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Gerrot Jacobson Tags: Fuel, Ratio, Tuning Education -

I recently did a few tests on a 2013 Challenger and found some great results by stepping away from what I knew worked last time. I did my typical .84 Lambda for the first pull and it was very happy with fueling, but I did not stop right there. I tested runs at .82, .80, .78 and .76. Lambda.
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