Brandon Thomas Tags: Dodge, Ford, GM Cadillac, HP Tuners, Remote Tuning, RTD, TDN -

What is the HP Tuners TDN app, and what is a RTD device? On this Tech Tuesday, learn what these new features are and how...

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Brandon Thomas Tags: Bob Morreale, GM Cadillac, LS Swaps, Swapped Engine, Tech Tuesday -

Join Bob and the crew to see what their favorite builds were from LS Fest East 2021!  Do you have a favorite build? 

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Brandon Thomas Tags: Bob Morreale, Dodge, Fuel, GM Cadillac, HEMI, Performance Fuel, Tech Tuesday -

Final results in the VP Racing Fuels Shootout on our C6 Corvette and Scatpack Challenger! For link to PDF summary results CLICK HERE

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Brandon Thomas Tags: Dodge, Fuel, Fuel Systems, GM Cadillac, Performance Fuel, Swapped Engine, Tech Tips, Tech Tuesday, Tuning, Tuning Education, VP Fuels -

Part 3 of 3 in the VP Racing Fuels Shootout! In this final video we will test C85 vs X98 on our C6 Corvette and...

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Josh Hofstra Tags: CTSV, GM Cadillac, Performance Parts, Tech Tuesday, Tuning, Tuning Education -

The Cadillac CTS V is one of the most well-known, bang-for-your-buck, performance luxury sedans on the market today. Let’s take an in-depth look at each generation of the CTS V, as well as performance parts that we think makes it one of the best vehicles on the market today.

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