Gaetscha Marcelin Tags: Camshafts, Dodge, Dodge Tuning Guide, HEMI, News, Teaching, Tech Tuesday, Transmission Tuning, Tuning, Tuning Education, Variable Cam Timing, Variable Valve Timing, VVT, VVT Variable Valve Timing -

Gerrot Jacobson takes a look at variable valve timing, the old way vs. new way of camshaft timing, and what it all can do for your tune.
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Gerrot Jacobson Tags: Dodge, Dodge Tuning Guide, HEMI, Variable Valve Timing, VVT -

You're ready to tune your Hemi, or you already have your Hemi tuned. All is great, but what about that cam phaser thing? What is it? What does it do? How can you use it to your advantage? 
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