Ford Track Day

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This special 3rd day edition available only to Ford Coyote Hands-On class students puts you literally in the driver's seat. 
Held at Bradenton Motorsports Park, a short drive from the class location on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

Third day will consist of learning more real world applications of tuning without the dyno, in a safe environment.
This will help demonstrate and teach drivability tuning, with additional topics covered like alternative fuels and transmission tuning. 

There are two options available to learn on this 3rd day of training:

Option 1:  You receive opportunity to learn with your personal vehicle on track. This includes the entry fee for track access. (Limited spots available)

Option 2: You receive opportunity to learn at the track, without having to bring a vehicle or participate on track. This includes the cost for entry to the facility.