BOOSTane Mobile App

BOOSTane Mobile App

On the fence about fuel additives? Boosting your car’s performance with additives was once thought to be expensive and something only for racers. However, there is one solution we’ve found that provides the power we need at a price we want. That solution is BOOSTane Octane Engineering, a leader in professional fuel additives, that now has an easy-to-use mobile app.


Octane boosters give your vehicle power while you’re using it by ensuring the fuel ignites exactly when it should. Gas additives can form into oxygenates, which can lower the carbon monoxide your ride expels into the air. That’s why quality gas is almost always preferred. You can use the additive to run your engine at peak power for longer periods of time, even on high-compression engines.


Why BOOSTane? Their fuel additives are formulated with a proprietary chelated carrier that can help prolong the engine life by resisting corrosion, depositing, as well as reducing engine knock and damaging effects during pre-ignition. Whether you’re a racer or just love driving your car, receive additional protection by downloading the BOOSTane mobile app and take the guesswork out of fuel additive calculations.


Their app calculates the perfect formula for the desired octane level you want, up to 116. BOOSTane’s app uses an octane diagnostic tool that suggests the recommended octane for your application based on the compression ratio and boost or get the exact amount you need depending on how full your gas tank is.


If you’re not sure how much you need, the octane calculator can also make use of information such as the local cost of gas, the number of gallons you need to treat, and the desired octane rating. The app does the math for you and recommends options including the amount of BOOSTane you need to reach your desired octane, the number of bottles you should stock up on, and what the final price of the fuel is with your preferred BOOSTane additive ($5.41 a gallon for 98 octane, anyone?).


Everything you love about BOOSTane is made for easy computing right on your phone using the app, including how to restock! The app allows customers to order their favorite products online or to find local distributors. If you’re curious, the app includes a section of dyno results for different vehicles along with what BOOSTane products they used to get the results.


Use BOOSTane at every fill-up, and start a few weeks before that national racing event. The BOOSTane formula was designed to guarantee consistent octane levels in every bottle. Not to mention, this company backs its formula by ensuring third party testing (check out our review here). That means no shelf-life and a price point that outperforms that expensive racing fuel. 

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