Brandon Thomas Tags: Bob Morreale, Corvette, Dodge, Fuel, HEMI, HP Tuners, Partnership, Performance Fuel, Product Review, Tech Tuesday, VP Fuels -

Part 1 of 3 of our ALL NEW VP Racing Fuels Shootout!
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Gaetscha Marcelin Tags: Performance Parts, Product Review, The Tuning School, Tuning -

Download BOOSTane's mobile app to calculate the perfect formula for your desired boost. Go to the Apple App Store today and download Boostane for free on your iPhone or iPad.
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Brett McClelland Tags: Plex Knock Monitor, Product Review, Tech Tuesday, The Tuning School, Tuning, Tuning Education -

Brett gives the 101 on what knock is, and explains why we use the Plex Knock Monitor to determine whether that knock is real or false.
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Brett McClelland Tags: Dyno, Performance Car, Performance Parts, Product Review, Tech Tuesday, The Tuning School -

After we cleaned up all the nails that Brett spilled in our last video… we got our hands dirty to see what this Dynojet 224xLC could do. Here’s an overview of the features and functionalities of our new dyno and why we have one in our shop.  Part 2 - ‘the features’ - of our 2 part Dynojet series.
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Brandon Thomas Tags: Product Review, Tech Tuesday -

Installing the Proflex Commander by Advanced Fuel Dynamics. Installation and demo to run E85 in our Mustang! For more information on this product follow the contact...

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