How to Setup Your Ballenger Wideband in HP Tuners VCM Scanner

How to Setup Your Ballenger Wideband in HP Tuners VCM Scanner

Now that you have completed the process of physically installing the wideband sensor into either a new o2 Bung, a secondary o2 sensor location, or in the tailpipe it’s time to move on to setting up the analog output or CAN bus to work with your HP Tuners VCM Scanner or software of your choice.  

Before we do…Here’s a Pro-Tip - Wait to power up your new wideband until after you finish setup with the scanner software.  The wideband’s heater circuit draws a large amount of power from the vehicle’s battery, so don’t leave the key on for more than a minute without the engine running.   

Analog Output vs CAN bus - which method do you need to use?

There’s just a few quick and simple factors to help you decide which way to get your data from the wideband into the VCM Scanner, or your favorite scanning/datalogging software.

  • Is the vehicle built after 2007?  If so, most are CAN bus equipped and it will be easier to set up choosing this method.    
  • Is the scanner you are using set up to work with CAN bus? (like HP Tuners VCM Scanner is)  If so, CAN bus is an easy setup with no offset errors.
  • If the vehicle has CAN bus issues, or you are unsure if it is supported with your scanner, then Analog output is the way to go. This is typical for swap vehicles, older vehicles, standalone EFI Systems, etc…


You can find links to the products here:

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