Posted on by Gerrot Jacobson

HP Tuners Template Editor & Applicator

If you're looking to automate, expedite or otherwise speed up your tuning process, HP Tuners has released a great new feature in the new Version 4.3 Beta Software. Templates. This new feature allows tuners to apply a known set of parameter values onto a target tune. Translation: if you tune the same engine type frequently, you can now create a file that represents a set of Parameters, Switch’s, Scalars, Tables, and DTC’s values for that tune and then quickly apply it to every similar vehicle that comes in.

Use the Template Editor to adjust the parameters and save them. Then use the Template Applicator to import everything in one single step instead of hitting each value of each tune. This is a great added function, saving you time if you’re a tuner that sees very similar setups on a daily/weekly basis.  

Check out this episode of Tech Tuesday to see how this new beta function works.