Instructor Bio: Steve Morgan

Instructor Bio: Steve Morgan
Meet Steve Morgan!

Only about a year ago did Steve Morgan join us here as one of our GM instructors and we are happy to have him! But that's not where he got his start. We were introduced to Steve, first, as a student here at The Tuning School and he was successful in completing all courses for GM vehicles. It was only appropriate, and a matter of time, that he would soon be able to share the knowledge he gained in front of the seats that he once sat in.

Read the transcript of our interview with Steve Morgan below.



- Where's your hometown?

I live about an hour west of Memphis, TN in Jonesboro, AR. 


- How many years have you been involved the motor/vehicle industry?

15-20 years.


- What encouraged you to become an instructor for TTS?

I have completed every level and form of training for GM vehicles through The Tuning Schools process, so when the opportunity came about last year for me to step in and help with teaching the GM classes it was a no brainer for me! I felt like I could connect with new students very well since I have been in their shoes. 


- Can you name the most memorable vehicle-related event that happened to you?

There are so many! I would say one of them would be from about 10 years ago my girlfriend (now wife) and I went to a local off road park with a bunch of friends.  I didn’t have a trail rig at the time but I bought a nice 2000 model ZR2 S10 to drive around and play with. We had a good time and on the way out, we drove past the bounty hill. It was probably a good 100’ or longer climb up the side of a hill with the last 15’ - 20’ being straight up! We were all sitting at the bottom of the hill looking up at it and I got the wild idea to give it a try. To my surprise I got all the way to the top and dug down just at the crest of the hill. I hit the brakes to stop and the anti lock brakes kicked in and wouldn’t let me press the brake pedal. So as you can guess we went back down the hill backwards faster than we went up! I kept my cool and managed to keep all 4 wheels on the ground and safely get the truck stopped at the bottom of the hill! That was a ride we will never forget. The windows were rolled up on my truck and my buddies said they could hear my wife screaming all the way down the hill! Haha!


- Which vehicle would you say is your dream car?

As much of a car/truck guy that I am, I can’t say I really have a dream car. I would say being fortunate enough to build my rockbouncer is the closest thing to having a dream car for me.

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