Instructor Bio: Josh Hofstra

Instructor Bio: Josh Hofstra
Meet Josh Hofstra!

You may have recognized Josh in our most recent Tech Tuesday. However, Josh's history with The Tuning Schools starts seven years ago when he attended a private course all the way from Texas to Tampa. Roughly a year later, he offered to host for one of our classes in his hometown, and soon used those skills to become a face of our media productions, as well as an instructor.

Read the transcript of our interview with Josh Hofstra below.



- Where are you from, and where do you live now?
I'm originally from Tinley Park, IL which is just south of Chicago. I've called Houston, TX my home for the past 7 years!
- When did you first start working on cars? When did you start professionally?
I've been working on cars since I was 13 but I've been working professionally for the past 6 years owning, managing, and tuning for different shops in the Houston area. I moved from Illinois in 2012, to pursue a career in the high performance industry, and eventually met Bob and Brett by attending a private course at the Tampa office shortly thereafter.
- What led you to becoming the instructor you are today?
Bob approached me after seeing have far I'd come after taking several courses and hosting TTS at my old shop in Texas. I loved helping TTS whenever they would come into town and became very close friends with Brett and Bob. I eventually was offered the position!
- What is your most interesting, legal vehicle story?
All my fun stories ARE the illegal ones! ;) I must say that there is nothing like cruising around in a 2000hp street car the morning of a Cars and Coffee event while surrounded by family and friends. My most interesting story has to be when I had a customer of mine with a high horsepower street car (2010 Camaro making around 1200rwhp) show up with his Car Show wheels and tires. He was looking to touch up the tune on the street. We ended up turning his Camaro into a hovercraft as the car curbed all 4 wheels coming into a corner and his suspension buckled. #1 Reason why I don't street tune anymore!
- What is your fantasy dream car? (the more unrealistic, the better! pictures welcomed)
I happen to be a big fan of the Subaru group. If I could find/build a reliable 600+hp 2006 WRX STI that would be fantastic! The unrealistic part is that, even in stock form, a Subaru will never be reliable! 
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