Brett McClelland Tags: Engine Knock, HP Tuners, Plex Knock Monitor, Teaching, Tech Tips, Tuning Education -

In this episode of Tech Tips, we're going to be talking about false engine knock.
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Brett McClelland Tags: Plex Knock Monitor, Product Review, Tech Tuesday, The Tuning School, Tuning, Tuning Education -

Brett gives the 101 on what knock is, and explains why we use the Plex Knock Monitor to determine whether that knock is real or false.
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Gaetscha Marcelin Tags: Article, Artificial Neural Networks, Bob Morreale, Camshafts, News, PCM Controls, Performance Car, Plex Knock Monitor, Teaching, The Tuning School, Tuning, Tuning Education -

The early morning Education Seminar at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana last year was led by Bob Morreale, President of The Tuning...

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Gerrot Jacobson Tags: Article, Performance Parts, Plex Knock Monitor, The Tuning School, Tuning, Tuning Education -

The Plex Knock Monitor is an amazing device that, yes, may cost you money, but will pay itself off in no time, especially if you tune a lot of Heads/Cams and Forced Induction vehicles. This device has many great features and has saved me from switching fuels or doing huge diagnostics in the middle of a tune.
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