The Tuning School leads the PRI Education Seminar

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The Tuning School leads the PRI Education Seminar

The early morning Education Seminar at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana last year was led by Bob Morreale, President of The Tuning School, Brett McClelland, Director of Instruction, and Tony Gonyon, Instructor and Ford expert with over 35 years in the industry. The room was filled with an enthusiastic audience who were interested in learning more about the increasingly complicated controls of modern engine designs.

The seminar opens with Morreale briefly comparing two engines, a pushrod 5.0L from the Fox Body Mustang era to the Dual overhead camshaft 5.0L, to demonstrate the necessary changes in today's intricate tuning process. Gonyon discusses Ford's methods by means of a HDFX system. GM accomplishes their controls by means of a Virtual Torque & VE system, as described by McClelland. Morreale wraps up the seminar with a detailed explanation of Artificial Neural Networks by familiarizing how they work to a Galton Board.







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