Unboxing New Dynojet Model 224XLC

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Unboxing New Dynojet Model 224XLC

We’re tuners, teachers, programmers, and most of all, car enthusiasts. So we felt like kids on Christmas when we found out we were getting a brand new toy- a Dynojet 224xLC. And when it rolled in on the truck, we couldn’t wait to pry open the box and see what was inside. W
e wanted to show off how psyched we were to pull open the box and see what this baby can do!


Watch Part One of our Tech Tuesday: Dynojet Unboxing. Christmas in July never felt any better. And in case you’re wondering what’s in the box, check out our list below!


Make sure to check out Part 2 on the next Tech Tuesday for the features & functionalities.

What’s in the BIG box:


Drum Guard

Eddy Current Brake 


Air Brake

What’s in the smaller boxes:

Pendent Assembly

Vehicle Grounding Kit


Axel straps

CAN termination plugs

Power cord

Primary induction pickup

Secondary induction pickup

Cable. CAM dump iser


Installation tools

Network Cables

Car tie-downs

DynoWare RT main module

Remote atmos assembly

Supports, brackets

Grounding hooks

Interface guide assembly

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