Unboxing New Dynojet Model 224XLC

Unboxing New Dynojet Model 224XLC

We’re tuners, teachers, programmers, and most of all, car enthusiasts. So we felt like kids on Christmas when we found out we were getting a brand new toy- a Dynojet 224xLC. And when it rolled in on the truck, we couldn’t wait to pry open the box and see what was inside. W
e wanted to show off how psyched we were to pull open the box and see what this baby can do!


Watch Part One of our Tech Tuesday: Dynojet Unboxing. Christmas in July never felt any better. And in case you’re wondering what’s in the box, check out our list below!


Make sure to check out Part 2 on the next Tech Tuesday for the features & functionalities.

What’s in the BIG box:


Drum Guard

Eddy Current Brake 


Air Brake

What’s in the smaller boxes:

Pendent Assembly

Vehicle Grounding Kit


Axel straps

CAN termination plugs

Power cord

Primary induction pickup

Secondary induction pickup

Cable. CAM dump iser


Installation tools

Network Cables

Car tie-downs

DynoWare RT main module

Remote atmos assembly

Supports, brackets

Grounding hooks

Interface guide assembly

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