Instructor Bio: Tony Gonyon

Instructor Bio: Tony Gonyon
Meet Tony Gonyon!

Tony Gonyon might be best known as an instructor for our Ford full and private classes. He might be most known for his awesome hair and recognizable smile in our Tech Tuesday videos. But, we are most grateful and humbled by his history as a Navy Aviation Warfare Operator, where his retirement plan included being an instructor for The Tuning School. And we are honored to have him here!


Read the transcript of our interview with Tony Gonyon below.



- Rumor has it you're a true blue Floridian?
I was born and raised in Orange Park, Florida.
- How long have you been in the motor/vehicle industry?
I have been working and tuning on cars since the early '80s.
- Thank you so much for your services in the Military. We are honored have you here! Would you mind telling us more about your journey to becoming an instructor?
I was designated an Aviation Warfare Operator Instructor in the mid-80's while attached to my first Squadron. From there, I went on to become a Master Training Specialist, and then a Curriculum Developer in my first tour at a Training Squadron. Once I retired from the Military, I attended a Tuning Course and saw a need for an instructor to help standardize the industry.
- Can you illustrate your most interesting vehicle experience while in this industry? 
There is a video on the internet of a Twin Turbo Ford GT Spinning around and recovering on a Drags strip.. Yep, that's me!!
- And lastly, what is your fantasy dream car?
A Twin Turbo Powered Sunbeam Tiger!!!
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