Features & Benefits of Dynojet Model 224xLC

Features & Benefits of Dynojet Model 224xLC


It rolled in and we couldn’t wait to get started using our new Dynojet 224xLC. Now that we have unboxed it, cleaned up the mess, and put together the new dyno, we want to share what this unit can do and why we like it. How did we do it? We tested, tuned, and tested some more. It didn’t take long for our team to learn why Dynojet is one of the leading dyno manufacturers. We listed out some of our favorite features of our new toy:


  • Easy to use software, with functions like the handheld controller which helps increase efficiency and control. 
  • Dual Air/Fuel system that helps you get all the data quickly and accurately. 
  • Extra inputs you need for a sense of security and tuning data - Boost, CAN signals and more. 
  • Great Tech Support options


Make sure to check out Part 1 for ‘the unboxing’ (and to watch Brett make a mess). 

For more information about Dynojet visit their website.

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