Gear/Tire and Speedometer Adjustment on HP Tuners

Gear/Tire and Speedometer Adjustment on HP Tuners


We know that some of our Jeep enthusiasts love to match their big-bodied ATVs with even bigger tires. However, with long desirable hours of distant traveling on bigger wheels comes the possibility of throwing off the speedometer. Luckily for those true blue Jeepers, HP Tuners has a gear/tire wizard to help with that problem.


How to use Gear/Tire Adjustment on HP Tuners:

  1. First, Launch the VCM Scanner
  2. Turn the key in the vehicle’s ignition to the “ON” position
  3. Click the green power button on HP Tuners to connect the vehicle
  4. Click “Vehicle Controls & Special Functions” to open control functions
  5. In the top menu, click the “Speedometer” tab
  6. Click “Gear/Tire Adjustment” to adjust gearing to your desired ratio, then submit
  7. Adjust the tire height to the new specification and submit

Once those steps have been taken and your gear/tire changes were successful, you can now disconnect the car from HP Tuners and turn the key to off. Keep in mind that FCA vehicles that are 2018 and later will require a Smart Access Cable.

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