Skype Interview with Brian Tooley - Part 1

Skype Interview with Brian Tooley - Part 1

Renowned for his knowledge.

Regarded for his skill.

Respected for his desire to share both. 

Brian Tooley. 

The Owner and Founder of Brian Tooley Racing has been associated with automotive performance for over 20 years. Now BTR is a household name for anyone looking for more power. We had the opportunity to do a Skype call with Brian to discuss just what to look for when considering a camshaft. Watch this week’s Tech Tuesday to get the truth behind how camshafts provide power, what makes that beautiful ‘chop’ and more. 


Make sure to come back Tuesday, July 9 for Part 2 of this two-part series. Until then, check out more of the BTR products on the Brian Tooley Racing Website.



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