Why Tune Stock?

Why Tune Stock?


‘Why should I tune my stock vehicle?’ We hear this question from guys and gals all over the country. So we made our top list of reasons we think stock or lightly modified cars could use a tune!

  1. It increases fuel efficiency
  2. It establishes firmer shift points
  3. It gives the driver bragging rights
  4. It can make the vehicle sound like it has a camshaft installed even when there isn’t one 
  5. It can shut off brake torque management for better burnouts 
  6. It can remove that pesky speed limiter. 

With all these awesome reasons to tune a stock, we also want to give the one reason not to - tuning a vehicle under warranty usually voids the warranty. So while we may tune our cars right off the lot, you might want to consider whether you’d rather have customized driving experience or the warranty. 

We hope this helps answer whether or not you should tune your stock car or truck. If you want to learn to tune your own vehicle make sure you check out our course material here on thetuningschool.com or contact us with any questions. 

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